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What Are Factory Refurbished Products?

In general, factory refurbished products are products that wouldn't otherwise be sold as new for a variety of reasons. They may have been used in field tests, returned by a customer or damaged in shipping and returned by the freight line. As a result, factory refurbished products may come with minor blemishes or less then perfect packaging. All factory refurbished products have been inspected, tested and where necessary, repaired with new components. Factory refurbished products are certified by Antennacraft as fully operational and are covered by the same warranty as our new products.

Common Questions

Q. Do factory refurbished products perform as well as new products?

A. Yes. All factory refurbished products are fully inspected, tested and when necessary repaired to perform like new.

Q. What do you mean that factory refurbished products may have minor blemishes?

A. Minor blemishes include scratches, dents or scuff marks that do not effect the performance of the product and are purely cosmetic.

Q. Do factory refurbished products include everything that comes with a new product?

A. Yes. Factory refurbished products include the same hardware, accessories and manuals that are supplied with new product.

Q. Why should I consider buying a refurbished product instead of buying new?

A. The best reason is price. Factory refurbished products are priced up to 30% below our new list price.

How To Buy

Refurbished products are limited to stock on-hand and are only available through Antennacraft Sales. Call 800-553-2377 and speak to a Sales Associate.

Factory Refurbished Products
Product SKU# Description Pricing
C490 VHF/UHF Channels 2-69 $62.99
HBU55 High Band VHF/UHF Channels 7-69 $92.99
50TDP2MREF Motor Only for TDP2 Rotator $27.99
Refurbished product inventory is updated weekly, call for availability