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Antennacraft's VHF/UHF/FM All-Channel Antennas for *RF Channels 2-69

Are you in a broadcast area that still uses all *RF channels from 2-69? If so,a traditional all-band antenna is still the right one to use.

Click the antenna names below to view specific information for each all-channel antenna series. Open them one at a time, or open all of them to compare.

To purchase an Antennacraft antenna, you can go to our Sales page for dealers and distributors throughout the USA, or phone Antennacraft Sales at 800-553-2377 to purchase at our Website Price.

 HD Heavy-Duty Antennas:  HD1850, HD1800, HD1200, HD850

CCS Antennas:  CCS1843

CCS Antennas

Colorstar Antennas:  C490, C290

Colorstar Antennas

Economy Antennas:  5884, AC9


*RF is the real radio frequency that television stations broadcast on. These RF channels are used in selecting an antenna. The virtual .1 channel is the one you remember from the pre-digital transition, and is used to remember the "old" analog tv channel. To see your RF channels and virtual .1 channels, go to www.antennaweb.org. and input your zip code.